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Their Side


Their Side is a series of interviews asked by skateboarders and told by skateboarders from around Victoria during the 70’s through to the present day.
It follows their beginnings, and finishes at the present day whenever that it. This series could go on for years.
It covers the fun times, the hard times and how skateboarding contributed to these or saved those, the memories and how skateboarding shaped them into who they are today. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t but skateboarding is a community, it holds nothing back, it can build you up  and it can tear you down but skating is for life.
This series touches on mental health, drug misuse, violence, and other topics that may be difficult for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised and lifeline is only a phone call away as are your fellow skaters.
During this series we chat to the Sammut brothers, Penguin, Rich Hiatt, Dave Quirk, Darren White, Tony Hallam, Steve Gioia, Andy Murphy, Shane George, Skip, Dave Trivett, Junior Pene, Will Stoyles, and Al Miller.
We have a huge list of more skaters big and small to get through and have a dedicated website to store all the interviews, photos and podcast on.