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Mega raffles – Supporting skateboarders through hard times


The ‘MEGA RAFFLE’ was born from the selfless acts of the skateboarding community around the world.

Hosted by Lucas Coulson, Steve Gioia and a selection of very special guests, the process is to gather donations from generous skaters and collectors, sell tickets, find a suitable location, settle on the costumes, the challenges and finally arrange the live stream.

My job thankfully is only to organize the live stream which has its own set of challenges.

We’ve faced complete equipment failures resulting in using the laptop in-built webcam as the main camera for the DORFUS fundraiser, Mic echos throughout the Allen Losi raffle, connection issues due to remote locations such as rural Victoria aka Bendigo.

The obvious but always fun issues are the hosts yelling into the microphones as they become more and more drunk.

It’s been the best way to get better at live streaming