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Cabinet Live at The Retreat in Brunswick


Christian Foyle is a young skater, phenomenal musician and a good friend who’s band was playing at The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick in late 2018.
As I was starting out in this new world (for me) of Live-streaming, I thought it would be a good opportunity to Live Stream the entire evening to youtube.
My aim was to prove that a live-stream job could be done by 1 person with the view of having my team head out on their own to live-stream multiple events at one time. Simple really.


Firstly I called the bar manager for permission, packed my bags and headed out.
Live-streaming gear can be heavy and large so getting a park close by was a challenge.
Once I was in, I set up on a table in front of the mixing desk and began unravelling the multitude of cables and cords. One thing I can’t stand is cables but with Live Streaming, cables are a necessity.
I had 2 Sony RX10 cameras running HDMI outputs. I put them close to each other so I could control them easily.
My other gear was a new Apple MBP, BMD Web Presenter, Samson wireless hand held mic and receiver and a Tascam DR 70D
Once everything was setup and looking good, I opened Wirecast to encode my signals and send to Dacast  however I was still having trouble understanding how Dacast worked. For some reason it wouldn’t show up as live on my site so I quickly contacted support chat and they helped me out immediately which was great however still didn’t fix the problem. I had joined Dacast and paid up for a year in the hope to be able to stream live to a private and more secure host than Facebook or Youtube as a lot of my clients were cautious about privacy and confidentiality and Facebook was a young person’s platform and Youtube had cats playing pianos. Not something a Healthcare provider presenting about mental health or palliative care really wants to be associated with.
This night was more of an exercise anyway, like a break test night. a night where I could test out a whole of different scenarios in order to be ready when the client was paying.
After much frustration, I decided to stream to the good old Youtube which has it’s complications. Setting up a live stream event or going live, getting the stream key, adding it to the encoder, going live on the encoder, then going live on youtube. I found this process to be laborious however now I know processes needs to be completed to ensure everything works properly. Bitrate, 1080 vs 720, CPU usage etc. Argh.
Gladly I’d setup early ( a good thing to get into doing especially with live streaming) because the next phase was audio.
The Tascam is a solid little unit with 4 inputs and a line out which I sent to the Web Presenter.
Unfortunately I only had my wireless mic available which was taped to the tripod handle holding one of the cameras, not ideal and even my soundy, Tim was unsure however surprised by the quality as you can here.


  • Get there early
  • Setup the stream with a placeholder first before connecting all cameras and sound
  • Ask your contractors nicely, shout them beers or if all else fails, pay them to help out. The one person crew idea maybe a good on paper but it’s not worth the stress.