Live Streaming Events believe in providing the opportunity for all people to be a part of the conversations that are important to them.


Live Streaming Events is a live streaming team based in Melbourne with over thirty years experience in communications and video production.

The LSE team has been bringing live streaming events to diverse audiences around Australia for a number of years.

Events successfully streamed range from professional forums, corporate seminars, skate competitions, band gigs and expert interviews.


Our friendly and professional live streaming team comes equipped with over 30 years experience in communications & video production.


We love what we do and our clients love working with us. With attention to the finer details, we ensure your project will be a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish.


We use only the highest quality HD video equipment, and our secure 4G network connection ensures that your event will reliably reach the audience you desire.*

*The perceived quality of video streaming may vary for end users, based on their internet connection speed and device type. Unfortunately Live Streaming Events has no control over this and cannot make any guarantee that users will experience videos in the transmitted HD quality.


Live Streaming Events can enable you to bring your audience in to your event, no matter where they may be. While the team is based in Melbourne we can service any event Australia wide, no matter how remote it may be.

LSE use only the highest quality equipment, and their secure 4G network connection ensures that your event will reliably reach the audience you desire.

As well as live streaming we can offer record to disk and podcasting facilities for your events.

Using a three camera setup, we have all angles covered – so give us a call to chat about your next event.